Hello, my name is Nick Schwab. I'm a web developer, college student, volunteer, and entrepreneur residing in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.

On December 12, 2010, I launched this website as a pitch to Google in effort of getting accepted into their Chrome OS Cr-48 Pilot Program. Only a day later I was contacted by Google's Community Program Manager who kindly hooked me up with a Cr-48 device! Below is a brief (and ongoing) log of my experiences with Chrome OS:

What I Like About Chrome OS

Amazing boot-up and resume speeds

Quick and painless setup with Google Account syncing

Use of "panels" will prove to be great for IM chats

Supports Flash content unlike that other company

Updates to the OS do not interfere with my user experience

Allows unauthenticated guest access while securing my web data

Bugs I've Encountered

Unable to scroll using trackpad when cursor is over flash content

Websites unable to find/request authorization for webcam access

Feature Requests

Ability to change user avatars (or use Google Account avatar)

Ability to display a user's name instead of their username at login

Ability to push tabs to other open Chrome instances (Chrome-to-Chrome)

Nick Schwab